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The CCC Young Earth Geologic Model
A new way to look at the geologic record from a biblical perspective
The CCC model postulates that the various geologic "Periods" are, in reality, different geo-graphically limited ecosystems with characteristic forms of life.  

When early non-evolutionary geologists named the geologic Periods, the ancient earth theory was already firmly a part of geologic thought. Twentieth century Flood geology has sought to correct this error. Nevertheless, the stratigraphic extent of the Genesis Flood Event (GFE) remains a major enigma and point of controversy among Flood geologists. A major reason for this enigma is the view of the current Flood model that pre-Flood geologic activity was insignificant. The Creation/Curse/Catastrophe model (CCC) of earth history provides an alternative view that eliminates this problem. If the CCC model of earth history is found to be valid, the creationist's view of the causes of the stratigraphic record is enlarged and areas for additional, meaningful research become greatly enhanced. The result can only be a better understanding of the earth's turbulent past.

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  • R. E. Gentet presents the geologic model in a lengthy paper by re-compiling geological evidence acquired over the years. Using biblical guidelines, geologic information is objectively incorporated into the CCC Model of Creation.

  • Unlike other young Earth geologic models, the CCC Model proposes that geologic "Periods" are, in reality, different geographically limited ecosystems with characteristic forms of life that form over the various land and sea areas progressively since Creation. This timescale shows how these periods fit into the model.

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